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Society & Culture

Ep 621 | Martin Luther King’s True Legacy Led Black America Away from God into Democrat Dependency

podcast February 16, 2024

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Nearly 60 years after his assassination, Dr. Martin Luther King remains a Democratic demigod above reproach or criticism. Just ask Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk about the price to be paid for thinking critically about the legacy of the progressive pastor and the social changes his advocacy established. One man who isn’t afraid to tackle the uncomfortable truth surrounding MLK and the Civil Rights Act is author and producer Vince Everett Ellison. Ellison’s documentary on the subject, “Will You Go to Hell for Me?” caught Jason’s eye. In the film, Ellison explores the impact MLK’s push for civil rights has had on America and documents the truth about Dr. King’s character and how the hard-partying heretic pushed black people away from God and into the waiting arms of government and the Democratic Party.

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