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Ep 363. Johari Gave Us Relief

podcast June 27, 2024

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Hi ATWC Curmmunity! This week’s episode will be our last episode while we take a break and recalibrate. We thank everyone for all the love and encouragement. Please look out for updates for our next episode release via social media, Patreon and our newsletter.

For our main topic, we explore the concept of Jahari’s Window which is a visual framework for understanding self-awareness and interpersonal relationships. The window consists of four quadrants: open, blind, hidden, and unknown. In the open area, both individuals are aware of certain traits and behaviors. The blind area represents things that others see in us but we are unaware of. The hidden area contains aspects of ourselves that we keep hidden from others. The unknown area represents untapped abilities and qualities that neither we nor others are aware of. We complete an exercise together. Together we discuss our blind spots and hidden areas in our personal and professional lives. We end the conversation feeling some relief and optimism as we uncover new possibilities for growth and understanding in our future together.

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01:44 Exploring Jahari’s Window

05:06 The Four Quadrants of Jahari’s Window

09:41 The Importance of Self-Disclosure and Trust

12:21 Adjectives Associated with Jahari’s Window

21:46 Revealing Hidden Aspects of Ourselves

25:14 Uncovering Hurt and Suspicion

27:04 Addressing Resistance and Control

31:34 The Power of the Johari Window

35:09 Finding Relief and New Possibilities

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