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EP 33: Fundamentals Of Faith (Ft. Dr. Eric Mason)

June 18, 2024

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Join me, Megan Ashley for an insightful episode as we welcome guest Dr. Eric Mason founder and Senior pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, PA. He is also, the founder and president of Thriving which is an urban ministry organization committed to training leaders for ministry in cities locally, nationally, and internationally. We discuss the issue of toxicity in Christian culture. Listen in as we explore the importance of maintaining a spiritually enriching online presence, emphasizing the need to focus on God’s work rather than sensational, negative events. Dr. Mason shares his personal experiences and sheds light on the allure of toxic content and its impact on our spiritual well-being. Together, we tackle the necessity of guarding our hearts and creating content that fosters positive spiritual development.

We also explore the delicate balance between studying scripture and maintaining a personal relationship with God, especially for those in Christian leadership. we dive into the importance of integrating personal devotion with professional responsibilities and the role of authenticity and love in ministry. Additionally, we touch on understanding the fundamentals of faith, clarifying key theological concepts, and addressing common misconceptions to help believers navigate their spiritual journeys effectively.

Other topics you will hear:

-Spiritual Enrichment,

-God’s Work 



-Christian Culture 

-Personal Insights 

-Guarding Hearts

-Positive Spiritual Development

-Christian Leadership


-Living Out Scripture 

-Theological Concepts


-Faith Journey

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