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Ep. 209 MNC talks Chris Brown, Michael Rainey, Juneteenth, Tattoos of ex’s & More

June 18, 2024

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In this Live show, the Monday Night Crew will talk about Michael Rainey's recent interaction on a live stream, Deontay Wilder's wife filing a restraining order and more social new, additionally the crew will debate if Chris Brown has surpassed Micheal Jackson as the greatest entertainer of all time. Additionally, the crew will react to graduations and other scenarios, it always a vibe on Monday Night Crew.

Tonight's Show Agenda:
Social News
1. Wiz and Ambers Roses co-parenting relationship
2. Chris Brown fan photo breaks up a relationship (video)
3. Michael Rainey gets touched on a live stream

Video Reactions:
1. How much is too much when celebrating your graduation
2. Is a woman's happiest a relationship of how good her partner is

1. At family gatherings, conversations often centered around maintaining the status quo, preserving customs without questioning their relevance. As a young adult, I found myself increasingly at odds with these discussions. I saw how some traditions perpetuated outdated biases or limited personal growth.One pivotal moment was during a heated debate about career choices. The family tradition dictated a specific path—one that guaranteed stability and respectability in our community. However, my aspirations were different. I wanted to pursue a career in the arts, a choice deemed frivolous and impractical by my family. Navigating this conflict has been a journey of self-discovery and resilience. I've had to challenge deeply rooted beliefs while respecting where they come from. It's a delicate balance of honoring my upbringing while forging my own path. I just want y'all thoughts on how to navigate the balance of respecting my family's wishes and my beliefs.

Topics of the Night (Bryttany and Jay)
1. The check-in
2. Juneteenth
3. Tattoos of my Ex
4. Settling for less in a relationship

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