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EP 18: More is Required

podcast March 5, 2024

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Join me, Megan Ashley, in this intimate reflection on the week of my 34th birthday (which is this upcoming Saturday) as I share the complexities of personal celebration and the profound insights from an therapy session. Listen in as I explore the inner voice, guided by faith, that prompted a meaningful conversation about stepping into life’s new seasons. Discover the comfort and challenges of listening to that voice and the powerful lessons it can teach us about growth and self-awareness.

As we navigate the uncertainties of life, trusting in God’s plan becomes a crucial theme. Hear about my personal battles with self-worth and the misconceptions of earning divine approval. I’m grateful for the podcast’s success and the solace it provides, but also recognize the divine push towards new horizons. Embrace with me the lessons learned from a year of hardships, and let’s celebrate the courage it takes to trust deeply in God’s track record, even when it leads us beyond our comfort zones.

Other topics you will hear:


-New Beginnings 



-Inner Voice



-God’s Plan


-Faith Journey

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