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Ep 161: Life after Shark Tank | CurlMix CEO Kim Lewis on Building a Beauty Empire Her Way

podcast May 6, 2024

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This week we're discussing the inspiring journey of Kim Lewis, CEO of CurlMix, as she shares her experiences and insights on building a successful business and challenging societal norms.  The conversation highlights the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, her experience with Shark Tank, fundraising insights and how her relationship with money has changed throughout her entrepreneurial journey. It’s a must-listen for anyone looking to challenge the status quo and build a life of purpose and impact.

We explore her early entrepreneurial aspirations, the dynamics of working with a partner, and the importance of open and honest communication. Kim opens up about her time in the traditional workforce and how those experiences ultimately led her to pursue entrepreneurship. She shares her experiences with $100k in credit card debt and the lessons she learned from it. The conversation also highlights the importance of financial literacy for entrepreneurs and explores alternative funding strategies, particularly Kim's successful utilization of crowdfunding to fuel CurlMix's expansion.

We challenge traditional notions of work-life balance and discuss the importance of prioritizing experiences that nourish the soul. Kim shares her evolving relationship with money and success, emphasizing the need to focus on purpose and impact rather than solely chasing numbers. This episode is packed with Kim's vibrant personality and wisdom, offering valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and people seeking a more fulfilling life.

To learn more about Kim, visit her website, listen to her More Rounds podcast, or follow her on Instagram.

Visit the Curlmix website to learn more about their products and mission.  

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