Ep. 14 Love is Motivating?

podcast December 16, 2021 1

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Welcome back to the Love Is Black Podcast!

Join us this week as we dive into motivation with Kimmie Reed!

On this episode she discusses:

  • The origin of the “Relationship Motivator” moniker;
  • the importance of a man’s perspective in a relationship;
  • how can one be divorced 3 times and married once;
  • and more!

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Kimmie Reed, affectionately known as the Relationship Motivator is on a mission to help people see the self-destructive patterns they are creating in their love life so that they can attract the ideal partner…and keep them. 

Kimmie is the author of three books. “Get Your Woman – Keep Your Man, Marriage is Easy-People are Hard, & The Kaleidoscope of Kimetry.   Divorced THREE Times – Married Once, which will be her 4th book is digging deep into what led to three failed marriages & her current 22 year relationship with her husband of 19 years.

Kimmie decided to take her love for relationship motivation to TikTok on Feb 28th 2021 where her main focus has been on the hearts of men. Showing men that their feelings, needs and desires matter & giving them a safe place to be vulnerable. 

Kimmie’s love for sharing body and skincare tips with women has also played a huge role in her growing following due to her Beauty Shouldn’t Be A Secret series! She believes that there is enough health, wellness and beauty for everyone! She’s single handily emailed thousands of women and hundreds of men DIY recipes for hair, & skin and list of supplements that have helped her maintain health and wellness. She’s not shy about putting her age out there either. At age 56, she understands that every year is a blessing so it’s crazy to stress about age when she should be enjoying it.    Kimmie’s following quickly grew to nearly 300K in a 7 1/2 month period due to several viral TikToks, which have been shared all over Instagram and Facebook as well.   

Kimmie is often joined by her husband James in her Relationship Motivation group sessions, varies speaking engagements and podcast. She calls James her “secret weapon” & if you’ve ever seen them together you’ve seen why.

Kimmie is currently enrolled in a certification program for Life Coaching & Law of Attraction Coaching.

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