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Ep 105 – Is It Ok To Fight The Parent Of A Child That’s Bullying Your Child?

June 21, 2024

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(1:55)The Fellas Opens Up About Our Extended Break.
(21:53) Unpacking The Extravagant Prom Phenomenon.
(33:40) AMAZING KIDS SEGMENT!!! Daughter Cleans Up Living Room On Her Own While Mom Is Sleep / Prep Charter Student Gets Accepted To Yale.
(36:26) Studies Show That Black Families Pass On $0 To Their Children.
(43:35) 16 Year Old Reveals Pregnancy On Camera With Her Mom.
(57:54) Man Jumps The Father Of A Girl That Was Bullying His Daughter.
(67:32) 12 Year Old Boy Tells His Dad He Hates Him And Doesn’t Want To Be At His House.
(79:18) Woman Arrested For Allegedly Burning Her Ex-Boyfriends House Down And Killing His Mother.
(87:00) Man Finally Meets His Dad After His Mom Kept Him Away For 26 Years.
(93:00) NEW DAD TIP!!! Get Life Insurance!!!
(94:34) UNFIT TO BE A PARENT!! Man Arrested Driving 128 MPH With His Two Children In The Car!!

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