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Ep 101 – Can Your Fiancé Borrow Money From Her Ex To Pay Y’all Rent?

podcast April 5, 2024

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(4:29) Osa Started Cursing This Weekend.
(8:54) The Guys Share Old Video Game Stories.
(14:25) AMAZING KIDS!!! 4 Year Old Thai Girl Competes With 6 Year Olds In Swimming.
(17:20) Two Sets Of Identical Twins Date And Have Children.
(24:03) Man Honors Step Dad By Taking On His Step Fathers Last Name.
(28:20) Canadian Couple Fights Off Would Be Car Jacker.
(34:39) Family Attacks Ride Share Driver After Accidentally Running Over Their Child.
(41:03) 50 Cent Sues Child’s Mother For Custody Of His Son After She Was Named As A Sex Worker.
(47:13) Married Single Moms!!
(53:51) Woman Borrows 3K From Her Ex Boyfriend To Pay Rent In The House She Shares With Her Fiancé.
(59:09) NEW DAD TIP!!! Watch Your Kids Around Large Bodies Of Water.
(63:11) UNFIT TO BE A PARENT!!! Couple Leaves Children On A Departing Cruise Ship In The Bahamas.
(69:33) ASK LOU & DRE!!! Is Cheating A Relationship Ender??

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