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Empowering Equity: Intersectionality in Education Leadership with Craig Aarons-Martin

podcast February 15, 2024

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In today’s episode,  Therapist_Coach LA has the pleasure of inviting  Craig Aarons-Martin to her virtual couch, the visionary Founder of CCM Education Group. With a rich history in educational leadership and a passion for transformative change, Craig leads initiatives that address critical issues in K-12 education. Today, we’ll delve into how CCM Education Group champions belonging and inclusion in schools, confronts anti-blackness, supports the social-emotional wellbeing of youth and educators (with a focus on those identifying as LGBTQ+), and tackles the complex issue of body dysmorphia.


 About Craig Aarons-Martin:

  • Founder and driving force behind CCM Education Group Consulting LLC.
  • Boston Educator of the Year, Massachusetts Elementary Principal of the Year, and Nationally Distinguished Principal
  • Champion for Inclusive Leadership, Belonging, and excellence in culturally & linguistically prosperous school communities.


Today’s Discussion Highlights:


1.  Cultivating Belonging and Inclusion in Schools:

  • The strategies CCM Education Group employs to create environments where every student, particularly those from marginalized communities, feels seen and valued.
  • The importance of integrating culturally responsive teaching methods to combat anti-blackness and promote a more inclusive curriculum.
  •   Success stories from schools that have effectively implemented these practices.


2.  Addressing Anti-Blackness:

  • The critical work to identify, address, and dismantle anti-blackness within school cultures, curriculums, and policies.
  • The role of educators and leaders in recognizing and challenging systemic racism and its impact on students and communities.


3.  Supporting Social-Emotional Wellbeing at the Intersections of Race & Sexuality:

  • The initiatives aimed at enhancing the social-emotional health of both students and educators, with particular attention to the needs of those who identify as LGBTQ+.
  • Approaches to create safe, supportive spaces that affirm diverse identities and foster mental and emotional wellbeing.


4.  Confronting Body Dysmorphia:

  • Understanding the importance of addressing body dysmorphia and its impact on students’ self-esteem and performance.
  •  Strategies for schools to provide support, resources, and education to help students navigate these challenges.


Call to Action:


1.  Foster Inclusive Environments:  Educators and school leaders are called to actively engage in professional development and training to better create and maintain inclusive, anti-racist learning environments.


2.  Champion Social-Emotional Wellbeing:  We encourage schools and educational communities to prioritize mental health resources and support systems, especially for marginalized and LGBTQ+ youth.


3.  Holistic Care & Education On Our Bodies, Identity, and Sexuality:  Schools are urged to implement programs and resources to address and support issues related to body dysmorphia, ensuring students have access to the care and understanding they need.



Craig Aarons-Martin’s leadership through CCM Education Group is making strides in addressing some of the most pressing issues facing today’s educational landscape. By prioritizing inclusion, confronting anti-blackness, and supporting the holistic wellbeing of our youth, CCM is paving the way for a more equitable and compassionate future in education.


 Contact Information:

To learn more about CCM Education Group and how to contribute to these critical initiatives, visit us here: https://ccmeducationgroup.org

Stay connected with Craig Aarons-Martin and CCM Education Group on social media for the latest updates and insights: https://linktr.ee/craigcmartin.



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