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Do Beautiful Women Get More Leniency In A Relationship?

podcast January 19, 2024

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We Are Back From Our Mini Hiatus!!!

(2:26) How’s Your Holiday/Dad Life
(4:49) Manny Started Playing Organized Basketball And Now Lou Is Coaching Again (lol)
(8:05) Dad Shovels Up Kids Xmas Toys And Throws Them Away
(12:01) Man Attempts To Meet Up With A 5 Year Old Girl That He Met Online
(21:38) Woman Cancels Thanksgiving Due To Her Mother Not Accepting Her Step Kids
(30:15) Are Beautiful Women Afforded More Leniency In A Relationship
(37:07) Blacky Chad Clip – Should Men Always Have To Pursue The Woman
(47:49) Former NFL Player Dez Bryant Talks About Speaking Life Into His Children
(53:27) UNFIT TO BE A PARENT!! Woman Rides Around With 2 Month Year Old Twins In A Crate On A Bike
(55:58) NEW DAD TIP!!! Be Leary Of Dressers Tipping Over On Kids
(61:08) ASK LOU & DRE!!! Wife’s Side Dude Cut The Grass In Husbands New Jordans lol

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