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Diamond Jack | Is Love Really Blind? | Girl Stop Playin' Podcast-Episode 12

podcast December 31, 1969

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Diamond Jack, a Chicago native, had dreams in Season 1 of Love is Blind to fall in love blindly. After a rough dating season, she decided to try something new. She paused her NBA Dance career to take a chance at love and was introduced to a roller coaster of events through her viral moment. Since the show she has goals of beginning an acting career and her entrepreneurial journey.

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[2:13] This or That… 

[3:59] What is ”Love is Blind”about? 

[5:26] What made you try the show? 

[6:51] What was the casting process like?

[8:06] Was it real? 

[10:35] How deep did they go with matching? 

[12:14] What was the timeline of the show? 

[14:35] Did you have any dating non-negotiables?

[17:21] What are some of the lessons you took from the experience?

[18:19] Did you blame the producers? 

[21:19] Are you open to a man’s sexual past? 

[25:02] How has this affected your dating life post show? 

[27:06] How did the pay work? 

[29:01] How did you keep the secret for 2 years? 

[30:35] How did the internet receive you after the show? 

[33:13] Did any of the backlash affect you? 

[34:37] What did your family and friends think? 

[36:24] Live Questions: What’s new with Diamond and who are you dating? 

[38:36] Live Questions: Do you regret going on the show and would you do it again? 

[38:51] Live Questions: Are you still friends with your castmates? 

[39:44] Where can the people find you? 

[40:31] Diamond, Stop Playing 

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