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Delicious Stitches: Phebe Higgins Felts Food

podcast February 21, 2024

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In this episode, we meet Phebe Higgins the stitcher behind Felt the Food. Learn about Phebe’s journey, sewing background, and how her graduate education has woven into her crafting of appetizing felt creations. We explore the concept of “functional play,” its enriching impact on children, and how Phebe’s felted food is at the crossroads of play, learning, and creativity.

Together, we stitch through the soft, flexible, and durable nature of felt, as Lisa shares some of her personal affection for these charming objects. Phebe reveals the meticulous process behind her hand-stitched pieces, from a scrumptious felt apple pie complete with its own recipe card to a touching sweet potato pie design that is sure to evoke memories of sisterhood and solidarity.

And for those of you who seek to “get your stitch together,” Phebe has some thread-perfect advice that will inspire you to reach for patience, grace, and joy in your sewing projects. So, grab your needles and let’s felt the love on today’s episode of the Stitch Please podcast.


Phebe Higgins

Phebe Higgins, the founder of Felt The Food, was inspired by her shy son’s transformation during playdates. Witnessing his newfound joy in a play kitchen, she embarked on a journey to craft handmade felt food despite lacking sewing skills. With support from a crafty community, Phebe discovered the joy of creating and its positive impact on her son’s development. Felt The Food offers ready-cut felt food kits, complete with materials and YouTube tutorials, fostering creativity and bonding through crafting and imaginative play. Phebe’s mission is to empower families to create lasting memories together.

@feltthefood on Instagram

Phebe’s Facebook page

Phebe on YouTube

Phebe’s Website


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Lisa Woolfork is an associate professor of English specializing in African American literature and culture. Her teaching and research explore Black women writers, Black identity, trauma theory, and American slavery. She is the founder of Black Women Stitch, the sewing group where Black lives matter. She is also the host/producer of Stitch Please, a weekly audio podcast that centers on Black women, girls, and femmes in sewing. In the summer of 2017, she actively resisted the white supremacist marches in her community, Charlottesville, Virginia. The city became a symbol of lethal resurging white supremacist violence. She remains active in a variety of university and community initiatives, including the Community Engaged Scholars program. She believes in the power of creative liberation.

Instagram: Lisa Woolfork

Twitter: Lisa Woolfork



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