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DBM Episode 24 Birthing FREEdom

podcast April 28, 2019

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Dear Mama: We believe EVERY BLACK MAMA matters and when we say EVERY we mean EVERY.  This episode is dedicated to the mamas giving birth in the belly of the beast of white supremacy, the US prison system, and the birth workers like our guest Doula Chauntel Norris who refuse to sit and wait for the world to change but live the words of Audre Lorde, we are ones we’ve been waiting for.

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Church Announcements/Prayer Requests: Support NeKisha’s breastfeeding group Cubs Cafe Breastfeeding Family Support Group for Families of Color  in LA & we’re hosting a doula training in LA in November lead by Sista Midwife Nicole Deggins Doula

Chauntel is booked and busy. She’ll be speaking at March for Moms and presenting at the United States Breastfeeding Conference ; Baobob Birth Certified Lactation Training 7/15-7/19

Thea Monyee takes a deep dive into pleasure: Pleasure Noir Webinar; S/o to Jimanekia Eborn who created Healing Box in collaboration with Kink Kit for sexual assault survivors and their partners

Mac & Cheese: Doula Chauntel Norris discusses her work as a Doula with the Alabama Prison Birth Project

Collection Plate Causes: Black Mamas Matter Allliance

Black Mama Say: “Lawd’s willin”


Minnesota Prison Doula Project

Pregnant In Prison Statistics (PIPS)


U.S. Prison Culture Blog

For more detailed information about this episode, mothers who are incarcerated and pregnant, organizations, and how you can help shift policy check out DBM Episode 24 Guide.  

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