Company Culture Part 2

podcast March 19, 2023

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S7: Ep 6

Company Culture Part 2

In this episode, Felicia continues to breakdown Company Culture using the OACI framework. Last week, we defined company culture. This week, we talk through identifying your company’s culture, identifying the successful narratives in that culture, and adjusting your style to thrive in that culture.

Corporate Warrior Spotlight: Tracey Brown, Executive Vice President and President, Walgreens Retail & U.S Chief Customer Officer

Tracey Brown is executive vice president, president of Walgreens retail and U.S. chief customer officer, overseeing the transformation of Walgreens to a healthcare company, to create more joyful lives through better health. She is responsible for the Walgreens consumer experience across all consumer touchpoints and leads development of strategies to advance Walgreens across a complex and dynamic competitive landscape. Brown oversees store operations, merchandising, marketing, product, digital, omnichannel store format, data and analytics, and supply chain organizations, as Walgreens further accelerates its digital transformation, in order to create a seamless integration across all channels – in-store, mobile and online – to provide a unified, consistent brand experience.

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Tracey Brown

About the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI)

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