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Camila Leão

podcast June 2, 2022

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About the guest

Camila Leão is a Brazilian artist who specializes in illustration and graphic design. Before moving to Baltimore, she began her career working with fine artists, musicians, and graphic design agencies. Her work features vibrant colors, mixed textures, and fluid elements. Most recently, she was featured in Baltimore Magazine and designed the artwork for the largest sculpture in the city of Essex, Maryland. Camila’s art depicts her connection to the surrounding nature and world, as is inspired by her South American origins. Her work is featured on various surfaces, including canvases and street/city structures, but she especially enjoys working with digital formats.

Previous clients include Microsoft, Xbox, Passport Scotch, nonprofits, artists, and many small businesses.

The Truth In This Art
The Truth In This Art is a podcast interview series supporting vibrancy and development of Baltimore & beyond’s arts and culture.

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