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podcast December 31, 1969

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This is a clip from Preparing For The Life You Deserve – Episode #239 w/ Donni & David

Making room for the life that we desire takes intentionality, honesty, accountability, and the ability to self assess. In this episode we will discuss what it takes to prepare for the life that we all want, sacrifice for and deserve. We unpack :

Body Maintenance : committing to the process of taking care of our health.

Discipline and Dealing With Addictions: having the ability to say YES to the right things and NO to distractions.

Letting Go Of Limiting Beliefs : configuring our mindset to align with what we desire to have.

Overcoming Fear : dealing with the fears that rob us of the joy we deserve.

Pride and Comfort with Self : is it more important to put your best foot forward or be comfortable in your own skin?

and so much more!

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This is a clip from Ruling With Feminine Energy – Episode #238 w/April Mason

Watch the full episode here :

April Mason is the most sought-after Feminine Lifestyle Strategist in the country! Her mission is helping women live their authentic life in business and in their relationships. After experiencing homeless living in a shelter with three kids , walking away from an abusive relationship , and rebuilding from the bottom she is truly the epitome of resilience and creating a new beginning. In this episode we talk about it ALL including :

* Leaving our children a LOVE LEGACY : Redefining what it means to have healthy relationships as the foundation of our legacies.

* Defining FEMININE and MASCULINE Energy : giving a framework for what these power sources are and what the counterfeits have presented themselves as.

* Sitting THROUGH GOOD LOVE : developing the capacity to stick with healthy relationships where there is commitment, consistency of character, and compassion.

* Learning HOW TO FEEL : combating the “I’m not bothered” culture of our day.

* Dating and Sex : the exchange of energy and how the choice to be intimate may cause deep emotional, mental, and spiritual changes in one's life.

* Why MEN CHEAT : unpacking the power of choice, the resourcefulness of the execution and the heart posture it takes to act out.

* The balance between being SOFT and ASSERTIVE as a man .


And so much more!

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