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Busting the Myth of The Solitary Writer: Virginia Woolf Got it Wrong

podcast June 10, 2024

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On episode 32 of the podcast, our final episode of Season 3, I’m going to share a final pep talk meant to get you to stop thinking that you have to do this writing thing all alone.

On today’s show, I’m going to dispel the myth of the solitary writer, sharing why it’s a myth, how it got started, why it’s a dangerous myth, who the myth actually benefits, and how we should be handling our writing lives instead.

My  hope is that by breaking down the faulty logic behind the solitary writer myth, you writers start to think of your writing practice in new and more expansive ways.

During the episode, you’ll hear how world-famous writers, from Socrates to Shakespeare, were perceived as solitary writers, but they really weren’t. Same story for contemporary writers from Hemingway to Zora Neale Hurston. 

So, tune in and enjoy the episode. 

This will be our last lit pep talk before we go on summer hiatus. We’ll be back with new episodes in September. Until then, keep writing. 


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