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Breaking Barriers: Pursuing Dreams Fearlessly with DeeDee Cummings

podcast May 15, 2024

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Breaking Barriers: Pursuing Dreams Fearlessly with DeeDee Cummings

Episode 155

In this episode, host Deneen L. Garrett introduces guest DeeDee Cummings, who is an author, therapist, attorney, and mom from Louisville, Kentucky. DeeDee shares her career journey from being a child protective service worker to becoming an attorney and then transitioning to a therapist to focus on healing. She also discusses how writing became a coping mechanism for her. The conversation touches on the challenges of the legal profession and the transition many attorneys make to other fields.

Dreams Are for Everyone

DeeDee’s experience illustrates that dreams can evolve over time and may not always align with conventional expectations. Starting in a different career path, she transitioned to law school and eventually found her passion in writing and helping others through therapy. This showcases that dreams can change and adapt as individuals grow, discover new interests, and uncover hidden talents.

The concept of dreaming extends beyond achieving grandiose goals or seeking fame. DeeDee’s dream of bringing her daughter’s story to Broadway demonstrates that dreams can be personal, meaningful, and impactful in various ways. Whether it involves writing children’s books, initiating a book festival, or pursuing a career in art curation, dreams can manifest in diverse forms and hold significance for individuals at different stages of their lives.

DeeDee’s message resonates with the idea that dreams are essential for personal growth, fulfillment, and purpose. She encourages listeners to identify their dreams, regardless of size, and actively work towards realizing them. By sharing her own challenges and experiences in pursuing her dreams, DeeDee inspires others to believe in themselves and their aspirations.


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Do you want more out of life? Are you ready to live boldly in pursuit of your dreams?

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DeeDee’s Gems Dropped

  • 00:24:20-00:24:31 – “It’s never too late. I meet people all the time that write their first book when they’re 72 or 65. So if the book is on your heart to write, you should write it.”
  • 00:32:24-00:32:35 – “Normal people like you and me every day make crazy dreams come true.”
  • 00:34:52-00:35:03 – “Everyone should have a dream. You are entitled to dream. It is your right to dream.”


About DeeDee Cummings

Deedee Cummings is a professional dreamer. She is also an author, therapist, attorney, and mom from Louisville, Kentucky. The books she writes focus on hope, diversity, social justice, and therapeutic skills for children and adults. Her work has been featured in HuffPost, Forbes, NPR, USA Today, Essence Magazine, Psych Central, Well+Good, and The EveryGirl, among other media outlets. Deedee is also the founder of Make A Way Media and The Louisville Book Festival. She believes literacy is a fundamental human right. Her work highlights inspiring messages that remind us all it is never too late to begin again. Cummings founded Make A Way Media in 2014 after struggling to find books with characters who looked like her own children and an extreme lack of stories that reflected their life experiences. Follow Deedee on Instagram for fun, inspiring, and informative updates as she continues to chase her dreams and bring them to life.

Connect with Guest DeeDee Cummings

X: https://twitter.com/makeawaymedia

IG: https://Instagram.com/makeawaymedia

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/makeawaymedia/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deedee-cummings-b57334ba/

Website: https://makeawaymedia.com/

Louisville Book Festival:  https://www.louisvillebookfestival.com/


About the Podcast

Women of Color: An Intimate Conversation (An Intimate Conversation with Women of Color) is a podcast about women empowerment stories and for Women of Color who want more out of life. This show is for women who have had enough and want change, especially those who have been waiting to choose themselves and live boldly. 

In each inspiring episode, hear from women from different backgrounds, countries, and ages who have embarked on personal journeys, sharing their stories of empowerment, overcoming, and their path to living a dream life (style).

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Deneen is committed to elevating the voices of WOC and empowering them to Live a Dream Lifestyle™ NOW! 

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