BlackGirlMagic Interview: Jennifer Lucy Tyler

podcast April 24, 2021

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In this episode, Ekemini and Michelle are sitting at the table with Jennifer Lucy Tyler. Jennifer Lucy Tyler is a Bible teacher, storyteller, entrepreneur, and growth coach. She is also the creator of two journals, Be Your Own Relationship Goals: Volume 1 and The Changemaker Guide to Studying the Bible. In 2016, she received a coaching certification through Lifeforming Leadership Institute and focuses on helping women grow spiritually through online courses and studies. In 2018, Jennifer founded Soul Circles, an alternative ladies’ night out, and virtual community centered around studying the Bible inductively. During a Pandemic, in 2020 Jennifer founded Mission Consulting Hub. The mission is simple, “We serve the servant leader.” Mission Consulting Hub also provides additional income for consultants who are a part of the hub as they serve missions, businesses, and brands that are changing the world. Jennifer serves as a women’s ministry leader at her local church. She resides in Maryland and is happily married to her husband Jeffrey Tyler. Pull up a chair and have seat at the table with us! For our patrons who have exclusive access to the video podcast interview, enjoy the surprise guest that pops up at the table. It’s a Truth’s Table first!

You can find more information on Jennifer Lucy Tyler on the web and the following social media sites:
Instagram: @jenniferlucytyler

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