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Black People Love Law & Order SVU ft. Asia Atkinson & Terrah LP

podcast December 31, 1969

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Episode Summary

Join us for an exciting episode as our friends Asia and Terrah share their thoughts on a range of topics, starting with why they believe Kim Kardashian isn't a style icon. Listen in as they explain how the Kardashian sisters struggle to keep up with Gen Z and younger audiences who aren't into their brand. Asia and Terrah also reveal their unpopular opinions, and you won't want to miss their bold takes on music and fashion.

We also explore the musical evolution of Miley Cyrus. Asia and Terrah discuss Miley's controversial past and how her undeniable talent has never wavered. Listen along as we reminisce about how we've all changed since we first heard Miley's songs and eagerly anticipate what she has in store for the future.

Finally, we dive into the world of Law and Order SVU, discussing the show's enduring popularity and its impact on viewers' understanding of topics like sexual assault. Asia and Terrah share personal experiences with the show. Don't miss this engaging conversation where we discuss our favorite characters, true crime podcasts, and the appeal of Law and Order SVU to Black people.

Episode Highlights

  • Law and Order Childhood Connection
  • The Psychological Impact of True Crime
  • Actor's Longevity on TV Show
  • Opinions on Law and Order
  • Throuple on SVU Set
  • ABC's Programming on Streaming Services

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