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Black People Love Gossip Girl ft. Les Alfred & Terri Burns

podcast December 31, 1969

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Tired of hearing about the same relationship conversations? You're not alone! We sat down with our fabulous friends: Les Alfred of Balanced Black Girl and Terri Burns to shake things up and delve into our unpopular opinions. From ditching "on my way" texts to sharing our friends' locations, we've got plenty to say about relationships and communication.

As a special treat, we took a trip down memory lane and revisited the iconic Gossip Girl, discussing the characters, storylines, and even the fashion that made it a must-watch series. We couldn't help but dive into the nostalgia surrounding Beyonce's B-Day album and our excitement for her upcoming tour. So, whether you're a Blair Waldorf fan or a dedicated Beyhive member, we've got something for everyone!

Finally, we unpacked the ending of Gossip Girl and the disappointment surrounding the reboot. From analyzing the new characters to exploring the importance of having an endpoint in a show, we left no stone unturned. Is the reboot really necessary?

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