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Balancing Business and Family – Jeremy Anderson

podcast December 31, 1969

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This is a clip from Parenting as an Entrepreneur – Episode #253 w/ Social Proof 7

Is your business your baby? How do you work through the needs of your family and the demands of your budding enterprise? Building a business , investing in your children as a parent, and contributing to the well-being and provision for your family is a challenge . In this very special episode of the Social Proof 7 we sit down with : Jeremy Anderson, Andrea Hamilton, Mike Humes, Jasmine Womack, Ramon Tookes, and Kendra Stephan to unpack the world of the parental/ entrepreneur conundrum. We’ll discuss :

– Parenting Styles and Healing From Trauma : Taking ownership of our journey to learn from the past, invest in the present, and plan for the future while we are raising our children.

– Discipline and Positive Reinforcement : Drawing the line between instilling discipline and self control in our children through physical consequence and verbal praise rooted in emotional intelligence.

– Doing Business WITH Your Children : Navigating through including your children in your business activities, developing their entrepreneurial vision, and being honest about the ups and downs of the lifestyle of entrepreneurship.

– Hired Help VS. Doing it Yourself : Being honest about our need for help , systems, and processes to enhance our experiences with our families.

– Generational Business : Gaining clarity about how (or if we should) pass down our business success to our children and if we should instill within them a desire to be entrepreneurial.

And so much more!

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