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podcast March 8, 2024

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For companies like Bella Tunno, and founders like Michelle Buelow, the debate around the effectiveness of brand purpose is strange because, to them, purpose isn't a tactic. It's in their DNA.

Purpose isn't a scheme to lure customers, get a sales advantage, or attract and retain the best employees. It's a fundamental belief that business is a tool to make society, and the world, a better place.

On this Women's Day we pay our respect to women on a mission. Michelle and Bella Tunno are perfect examples of the kind of world we can build when women lead.

This episode will enlighten, inspire and challenge you to broaden your definition of business. It will also provide you with philosophical and practical nuggets support and sustain you on your respective world-changing journeys.

Welcome to Empathy Led– Episode 01, Season 03

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