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‘Alien’ Film Review (45th Anniversary) | Ep. 175

podcast May 30, 2024

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Yo yo yo, welcome to another episode of Hip Hop Heads Talking Horror, and this time round we celebrate 45 years of 1979’s sci-fi horror film monument – ‘Alien’ 🛸


Join Kam, Thomas Hobbs, Alaska Atoms and Myke-C Town for their takes on this classic, as well contributions from Shotgun the Aux’s Tom Comey and Atoms Family member, Cryptic One.


Show Notes

  • How we fell in love with the film (00:00)
  • Why has this film’s allure held up (13:20)
  • 5-Mic Moments: Chest-burster scene (23:30)
  • Alien poster, trailer and tagline (48:30)
  • What Ifs (51:00)
  • Hip Hop Horror Categories (59:00)
  • Where does Company Flow fit into this horror film? (1:04:50)


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