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Aggression Turned

podcast May 12, 2024

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. Empathy creates understanding! Never judge a person before you get to know them for yourself. 

. Unlocking the mysteries of the prefrontal cortex, and Understanding its role in alcohol use and decision-making is very vital in your day to day life. If you were exposed to trauma in your adolescent years, know that trauma isn’t what happened to you. The Trauma is the long Lasting wounds, and side effects. Getting therapy is highly recommended if you struggle with healing yourself.

. As black men, we have to be a great example for the Little black boys coming behind us. Rather that’s a son , a cousin, or a neighbor! Always be there for the youth, because they hold the success to our future!

. I look at black people like we were born with -20 points. Imagine getting allll the way to -1, and you’re just about to enter into the positive. One wrong mistake can knock you back -20 points. Black men and women please don’t get caught up in the judicial system.

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