Against All Odds Part 2

podcast February 13, 2024

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Last week, my good friend Cat shared his incredible story of wrongful imprisonment. Though Cat maintained his spirit behind bars, I could tell this painful injustice left scars. However, Cat didn’t let those dark days harden his heart.

You’ll never guess what happened when Cat was finally exonerated after seven long years. I welcomed my long-lost friend into my new empire at FUBU. I’ll never forget the amazement in Cat’s eyes that first day surveying my Empire State Building office, with fine art and saltwater fish tanks surrounding us. Though I had “made it,” deep down I was still that kid from Queens. With Cat back, it felt like old times.

Cat was driven to build his own fortune. But when harassment and threats endangered Cat’s fresh start, I made it my personal mission to safely bring my friend home each night. You’ll be moved hearing how I protected Cat.

The conversation continues into surprising new territory today. From stolen luxury cars to backstage stories with hip hop legends, Cat and I go deeper into our winding road to success. I confess my early regrets and near-death moments along the way. Cat shares how small bets doing magic and minor business failures transformed into a mega brand and reality TV fame.

Through triumph, trauma, and second chances, an unbreakable brotherly bond has kept Cat and I firmly rooted in our pasts while reaching toward bigger dreams. There are more unbelievable revelations in store today. So get ready for part two!


Host: Daymond John

Producers: Beau Dozier & Shanelle Collins; Ted Kingsbery, Chauncey Bell, & Taryn Loftus

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