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Addiction Is A Brain Disease: It's Not A Choice Featuring Jasmin Carnelus, LMFT

podcast December 2, 2019

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Addiction is not a choice; it is a brain disease. Can someone be addicted to marijuana just like they can be addicted to cocaine? Contrary to popular belief, marijuana is addictive even though it is a natural herb. Substances such as caffeine and nicotine are easily accessible and socially accepted but they are addicting substances too. In this week’s episode, Kea is joined by Jasmin Carnelus, a licensed marriage and family therapist and she helps us dive into substance use and co-occurring disorders, and treatment options. 

Jasmin Carnelus is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who works with individuals, couples, and families with various concerns. She received her bachelor of science in psychology from Howard University and her Master of Arts in clinical psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy from Pepperdine University. Currently working on her doctorate, Jasmin has spent the last 5 years working in the field of substance abuse, helping those addicted to substances to improve functioning in various areas of life. Although substance abuse is the primary focus of her work, she also has experience addressing issues of depression, anxiety, trauma, relationships, and dual diagnosis. Jasmin approaches clients from a systemic perspective, working to identify how individuals have been impacted and influenced by the world around them. She is passionate about breaking the stigma of mental illness and seeking therapy and strives to make a positive impact on everyone she encounters. 


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