Access 2 Capital Denied

podcast February 14, 2024

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We hear a lot of times, there is plenty of money out there to help you start a business. The crazy thing is like we talked about in another episode, to get access to money, you have to meet the criteria. Some forms of grants for businesses requires that your business function to a certain standard. Those standards can now become barriers to small black owned businesses who already have limited resources, and ways to access capital. That access being denied could cripple a business and possible shutter it as well.

The crazy thing about all this is, some of the greatest inventions in this world have come from black inventors. The caveat to all that is who has financially prospered from most of these inventions. There is a long history of people of color being denied access to capital and we still fight those inequalities today. Tune in to this episode to see how being denied access to capital can possibly turn your Amerikkkan dream into a nightmare.

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