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83. Does Marriage Change Friendships?

podcast May 5, 2023

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Hey girlfriends! On today's episode we're discussing how marriage changes friendships. Getting married can bring on a host of changes for a new couple, one of which is the the dynamics of the existing friendships after the wedding day. Today we're exploring: What are somethings we'd expect to be different after a friend gets married, is it ok to expect for something things to stay the same, how we feel about married friends cutting off single friends and much more!

What do you think contributes to the changes in friendships after marriage?

Have you noticed married friends or family "acting different" once they've tied the knot?

How has our friendship adjusted after marriage/kids and what do we hope for the future of our friendship?

We'd love to hear your thoughts, too so make sure you follow us on Instagram ⁠⁠@girlfriendsandgoalspodcast⁠⁠ where we'll continue this conversation. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and leave us a review!

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