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57: Why I Quit My Successful YouTube Channel

podcast November 3, 2021

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Hey Loves! Today I'm answering a question I'm often asked "why the heck did I quit my successful YouTube channel and begin selling courses?"

Leaving my YouTube channel wasn't a really hard decision and in this episode I share exactly why it was so easy for me.

But you know what was really hard? Making the decision of what I was going to do next. I knew leaving my YouTube channel would effect my brand revenue because my income was tied to the work I did on my YouTube channel. I spent a year brainstorming what I would do next.

Should I go get a job?
Should I do uber?
Should I just stick with this?
I was so unsure of what to do next!

After meeting a woman named Danielle Leslie at a tech conference, I was inspired to make my first online course. I had no idea what topic my first online course would be but I finally decided to create an online course teaching people something I knew how to do really really well.

Tune in for the full in depth story.

Resources Mentioned:

 Episode Takeaways:

  •  Why I quit YouTube
  • The struggles I faced with my decisions
  • My fears of starting over
  • Who I met that helped me pivot
  • How you can pivot like me!

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