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54. Compersion is available to You and YOU and you! with Dr. Marie Thouin

podcast September 28, 2022

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Dr. Marie Thouin joins Jessica today to discuss her research and expertise on the topic of compersion. These two talk about the origins of everything from patriarchy to the word compersion. Dr. Marie goes into how to know if you are someone who experiences compersion, and ways to integrate it into your open relationship. She also gives insight into the process of her dissertation and what forms of research she has conducted to become an expert on the topic. She now helps people grow and transition into non-monogamous relationships through her company Love Insight.

In this episode of Open Late

• Compersion is an experience of empathy, gratitude, and fluidity

• Compersion is derived from the spiritual concept “Mudita” or empathic joy, which Buddhist’s believe is one of the four paths to enlightenment

• The difference between quantitative and qualitative research and how Marie uses them both in her research and work

• How shifting to sedentary lifestyles and land ownership was one of the man sources of ownership in relationship

Connect with Dr. Marie Thouin:

• Instagram: @love_insight_dating


• Learn more about Marie’s research at www.whatiscompersion.com, or sign up for a free 30-min exploratory coaching session at www.loveinsight-dating.com!

Connect with Jessica:

• Instagram: @journey.with.jessica | @openlatethepodcast

• Website: openlatepodcast.com | jessicaesfandiary.com

• Youtube: Open Late Podcast

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