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441: Authentic Listening and Emotional Intelligence with Phil Johnson

podcast February 21, 2024

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Phil Johnson, the mind behind the Master of Business Leadership program imparts his wisdom on the importance of authentic listening and shares how it can deepen relationships and foster personal success.

He also delves into the powerful impact of aligning individual and organizational goals. Hear more about what the Master of Business Leadership program offers and how it’s helping individuals and companies attain their goals.

Tune in now to get exceptional insights on the difference between intellectual and experiential learning.

Episode Highlights:

06:06 – We go into what psychologists refer to as an amygdala hijack. Some people lash out, some people run away, some people freeze like a deer in headlights. When that happens in conflict situations, people die. When it happens in business or personal situations, relationships die. We burn trust.

13:50 – When we’re unconsciously giving away our energy, it creates an energy deficit in us. So, at the same time we’re giving away our energy over here, we’re simultaneously trying to replace that energy by stealing energy from other people over here. And that dynamic is going on inside of everybody, everywhere in the world, all the time. And that is the root cause of all drama, chaos, and conflict.

17:39 – Think of the organization as an engine and think of the employees as the pistons in that engine. By aligning the individual vision to the organizational vision, you’re going to create a much more engaged, smoother running organization that’s more highly, highly engaged. If the employee doesn’t see how the organizational success is aligned with their individual view of success, they’re not going to be that engaged. The employee has to understand what it is they want to achieve, and they have to understand the organization’s view of success, and you have to create that alignment, because if that alignment’s not there, you’re not going to have the level of engagement that you want to have to succeed.

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