382 – The Gift Card

podcast April 27, 2023

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In this episode, the guys discuss overcoming fear of the known with belief actions.

Fair Or Foul

Would you pay with a gift card on the first date?

You Owe You Summit Information 

  • How to make yourself a priority. 
  • Creating a successful schedule. 
  • Gaining financial empowerment.  
  • How to navigate with a lack of resources. 

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1) After listening to this episode, what are you going to do differently? What risk are you going to take from this day moving forward?

2) What’s stopping you from taking risk?

3) Do you fear leaving what your current situation?

4) Who are you crying out to? The Devil or God?


  • Start to walk courageously in uncomfortable settings. 

  • Explore beyond what you’ve been previously taught. 

  • Start to visualize your dreams and goals with an addition and subtraction mindset. Add what’s necessary and subtract what’s not working in your life.  

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