319 – Land, Air & Sea

podcast February 10, 2022 1

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In this episode, the guys alongside Jemal “The 9 To 5 King Millionaire”, discuss loyalty and handling the purpose God provided to you with care. Also, mindset tactics are shared to be successful as you keep growing.


Intro – The team tries out Land, Air, or Sea sandwich and debate whether you call heads or tails on coin flips.


36:34 – “Don’t become loyal to the people and forget the purpose. Don’t put people in place of God.” – ET


45:12 – Being loyal does not mean you drop everything an attend to what someone may need. Look at the principles of what’s being discussed without being emotionally attached to it. You’ll then be able to make more sound decisions.


50:10 – Karl referenced his mom engaging in conversations that caused revaluation of whom she speaks with. Protect your mindset so that you won’t regress in growth!


52:06 – “Loyalty works when it’s mutual. Find people who help you.” – ET


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