310 – Man Power

podcast December 9, 2021 1

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“Life will be a lot better if you executed instead of tried.”

In this episode, the guys alongside Jemal, the 9to5 Millionaire, discuss not giving all of your energy and time into things or people that don’t, in some way, benefit you.


3:02 – Dubai recap experience.


22:05 – Don’t throw your pearls before swine. Not everyone will understand or appreciate your story.


31:50 – Focus mode. Remain focused, and don’t let anything make you lose track of your purpose. Distractions are just that. Side-step them and keep moving forward.


35:02 – The quality of the company you keep is important. Just because you have a shared background with someone is no reason to hang around people that aren’t getting the job done. Spend time with people who are driven to succeed and can help you develop that same drive to reach your fullest potential.


40:40 – Just show up. Being in the right place at the right time and in the right spirit is an invaluable experience. Always go where you’re celebrated.


47:24 – Put some respect on your circle and never force your way in anywhere. Take the hint. Learn the language and build your own environment.


54:25- Make sure what you do moves the needle toward positive development and supports a healthy, thriving environment for yourself and your family.


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