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31. Boundaries and Insecurities, Continued

podcast September 28, 2022

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Join B, Molove, and EC at the table to finish their conversations around boundaries and insecurities.  Now that the fellas are done roasting Molove for getting her black card revoked and EC is finally a married man, the He Said, She Said IA podcast crew comes together to allow B to answer the question, “Do you treat people who are struggling mentally based on how they are presenting currently, or do you treat them based on how you believe they have the potential to be?”

Also, Molove discusses one of the concerns of this current generation and not knowing the difference between punishment and accountability, based on the actions of the previous generations.  Then listen to EC counter with the need for self-accountability. 

Sit back and think on the process of going into survival mode (fight or flight) when receiving punishment in the early years and how difficult it now makes holding each other accountable in relationships.  Why do we all need connection before making correction too?

It gets real, it gets raw, but most of all we are coming to heal and healing is not always pretty and pristine.  *Trigger Warning: you may hear voices raised, but know it is passion around the topic.*

We’re getting to the table to be real and heal, so join us on this journey!





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