300 – The 120 Experience

podcast September 30, 2021 4

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It’s episode 300!!!! Can you believe it? Our 120 LIVE podcast episode is our 300th episode! As we reflect on the last 5 and half years, we want to thank each of our listeners for rocking with us each week. You guys have been with us not only through the evolution of S2S, but also through the ups and downs of our personal and professional lives. Thank you so much!


In this 120 LIVE episode, the guys discuss how it’s impossible to grow in your comfort zone. We only make moves when we are uncomfortable. Many of us are not growing because we are comfortable in our current situations. In order to get to the next level, you have to be okay with feeling uncomfortable. Success is the greatest enemy to success. Feeling as if you have arrived is a dangerous place to be because it leads to complacency and decline. Always seek to grow, push yourself, identify blindspots, and learn something new.


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