251: Take a Digital Break, Sis

podcast December 31, 1969

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About this episode: 

In this week’s episode, Tatum talks about the benefits of doing a digital detox as an entrepreneur along with the steps to take to detox effectively.

Key Points:

The Reasons We Need a Digital Detox:

Point 1: It allows you to minimize the noise in your life so that you can hear from God better (17:46).

Point 2: It increases your originality with your ideas (23:28).

Point 3: It allows you to maximize your time (30:54).

Point 4: It brings peace of mind (32:48).

How to Do a Digital Detox:

Point 1: Do an energy audit (35:37).

Pont 2: Have someone you trust change your social media passwords after you delete the apps (37:37).

Point 3: If you have to post on social media, use a scheduling app (40:16).

Point 4: Go to a space that increases your creativity (44:16).

Point 5: Read the reviews and testimonials in your business (48:16).

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