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249 – Thriving After Beating Cancer’s Ass with Erica Easter

podcast January 29, 2024

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In this episode, Boonie is in an engaging conversation with breast cancer survivor Erica Easter. We chat about Erica maintaining sexual desires during treatment and the ways in which cancer has changed Erica’s perspective on life.

Erica discusses the importance of embracing desires, the pleasure of physical connections, and the need to prioritize one’s own happiness. The conversation touches on various topics, including body image, self-confidence, and the role of friends in fulfilling different needs.

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0:00:00 Introducing OMG Yes – A Resource for Pleasurable Sex 0:03:18 Pick of the Week: “The Traders” – A Psychological Game Show 0:06:50 Reconnecting with a Soror for a New Episode 0:16:11 Hormones, drains, and a meltdown over nail polish 0:24:28 The Journey through Chemotherapy and Expanders 0:27:09 Problems with Implants and the Deep Flap Procedure 0:29:27 Navigating Sexuality during Cancer Treatment 0:33:13 Overcoming Insecurities and Finding Supportive Partners 0:39:17 Frustration with household chores and expectations 0:44:44 A Note on Being Eskimo Sisters 0:45:30 Casual Encounter with No Expectations 0:48:07 Exploring Heightened Sexual Desire and Aging Hormones 0:48:55 Surprising Effects of Birth Control on Sex Drive 0:50:17 The Reality of Men: “Niggas Ain’t Shit” 0:51:12 Questioning Beliefs and Social Media Influence 0:53:12 The Breakdown: Black Women and their Beauty 0:53:55 Random Thoughts and Associations 0:54:30 Embracing Body Positivity and Celebrating Self-image 0:57:25 Connecting with Erica Easter: Instagram and Public Sex Ed

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