147: Is a Costco membership worth it?

podcast January 29, 2024

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What does it mean to be a Costco member in 2024? This week we’re loud budgeting our grocery bill and discussing our recent decision to get a Costco membership. We share our initial impressions of the store, the perks we have enjoyed so far, and a few factors to consider when deciding whether a Costco membership is right for you. 

Food is a Big 3 expense for most households and with recent price surges, many people are feeling the squeeze on their budgets. 

Throughout the episode, we encourage you to think critically about your shopping habits and preferences and ask yourself how much you truly need, how much you can store, and how much money you can save. We also talk about the importance of understanding your consumption, being mindful of food waste, and supporting your community through responsible shopping practices.  

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