136: James 5:16-18 MSG

podcast December 31, 1969

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Episode Title: “James 5:16-18 MSG” 
Verse: James 5: 16- 18 MSG
About this episode: A conversation circled around Christains getting on their post. In episode 136 of the Blessed and Bossed Up podcast, Tatum enforces the importance of getting on your post, but most importantly staying on your post. Tatum shares a powerful word from the Father. This season is not for the passive and surface level prayers but in fact it is a time for life changing, realm shifting prayers. Tatum also shares insightful information about different watch hours. Listen to this week’s episode for a paradigm shifting message. 
Word from the Lord: “I want my people to learn how to pray. I don’t want them to be soft in the spirit . I want them to stop posting more than they are praying . They will rather provide commentary then to go to war in the spirit . They are also people that I am raising up to be change agents in the world but they are stuck in the season that they should’ve been out of . Talk to my people about being powerful and effective.”
Time Stamps:
13:42: Tatum shares the word given to her from God. 
20:59: Tatum talks about the importance of prayer and dives into the bases of the verse. 
24:34: Tatum talks about the next generation growing up in this lost world because this current generation was not on their post.  
26:12:  Tatum talks about the different watch hours. Download here 
29:06: Tatum gives us an example of a prayer that she would pray at her specific watch hour. 
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