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podcast December 31, 1969

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We are looking for aspiring podcasters + people of influence who have a unique, faith based, perspective to get out to the masses.

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+God has given you a vision and you have no clue how to get it to the world

+You have recently started a podcast, but aren't seeing the results you want to see or making the profit you would like to make

+ You have a podcast idea, but don't know where to start

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Episode Title: B+BU Network

Verse: Hebrews 11:1
“Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see.”

About this episode: A conversation circled around the waiting season with pointers on monetizing your voice. In this episode of the Blessed and Bossed Up Podcast, We get a 2 for one. Tatum talks about the waiting season and also gives her listeners a handful of valuable information on monetizing their gift. She shares 5 ways to create and monetize your voice.
”Those of you who are in the waiting season, it’s time for you to move out! Take the unique perspective that he has given you and it’s time for you to speak.”

Time Stamps:
9:27: Tatum refers to episode 4 of the God’s Plan Series: Fear and encourages you to push back the fear and move because there is work for you to do.
13:20: Tatum gives an overview of B+BU Network.
14:31: Tatum explains “Find Your Voice Academy”
26:04: Tatum explains that the discomfort of entrepreneurship will never stop, nevertheless we should remain obedient to God’s plan.

 5 Steps to Create and Monetizing Your Voice:
20:51: Be confident in being uncomfortable.
26:59: Find your expertise and monetize from it.
30:58: Figure out your unique selling proposition.
38:28: Get a platform and be consistent.
4602:  Always know what works, what doesn’t work. and how to adjust when it comes to your platform.

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Resource Mentioned:
Jena' Emily Utley:

Bossed Up Takeaways
It’s time for you to move, so you need to go scared!
Be confident in being uncomfortable 
Your voice is important! 
Obedience is the number #1 thing!
Be Consistent 

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