100 Year Old Churchgoing Chain-smoker

podcast November 27, 2020

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Charles Enigma, is the author of Return to Glory, he’s also a freedom fighter, a war hero and a complicated earthling. I invited him to my show but he slapped his bible across my face.

Season 2, Episode 3

Old charlie fought the Natzies in WW2, he stood beside Dr. King in the civil rights movement.

He was an intellectual giant, a straight shooter, and a realist.
As for me, I was his fanboy and consumed all of his books. It wasn’t just ink on paper it was fire and blood. His words shifted you into a different mindset.

I’m not sure why he slapped me across the face with his bible.
Old Charlie didn’t understand podcasting, his life was simple and he was determined to the end to keep it that way.


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