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You’re not burned out. There’s just something Here that you’re not doing.

podcast November 3, 2023

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As I found God more and more in me, AS me,

I just feel this Love.

Like the sunshine,

like how it’s everywhere,

how it lights up everything during the day,

 and everybody appears to be walking around in it,

I stay aware of the sunshine.

I experience the sunshine more than I experience the forms that are walking around in it,

 that are talking in it,

growing in it,

loving in it.

I never forget the Son.

And when I set out on my walks,

when I set out to drive to get the kids,

that’s my intention.

To stay aware of what’s lit.

To stay aware as what’s lit.

As what’s burning.

You’re not burned out.

There’s just something here that you’re not doing.

That you’re not starting,

or finishing, 

 that you’re not writing,

that you’re not recording.

That you’re not putting out there,

because you feel burned out from all the things you do, do all day. 

This is Me,

telling you it’s time.

Fear aside.

Doubt her side.

Give yourself an hour.

And because you’re doing that work for Me,

you’re giving Me an hour.

That’s an hour of meditation.

You’re sitting there with that pen,

 or with that camera,

 or with that plan?

You’ll be sitting (t)here with Me,

and we’ll get it done together. 

I Love you

I Am you


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-Readings from Louisa Picoretta’s Book of Heaven Aug 8. 1904

“I’m convinced that there is nothing that can happen to me in this life that is not precisely designed by a sovereign Lord to give me the opportunity to learn, to know him better, to learn to hear him better, to see him better.” -Elisabeth Elliot

“It’s like a seeking and finding adventure when I notice him in everything. Today he met me in the park as a flock of birds waltzed overhead. I wonder where I will find him tomorrow.” – Brittany Lister @wildflowerpages

“For those who see me everywhere and see all things in me, I am never lost, nor are they ever lost to me.” – Sri Krishna, Bhagavad Gita 6:30

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