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Your Painful Periods Could Be Endometriosis

podcast September 27, 2021

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“Your womb wants to work for you.”- Samantha Denäe (Endo Educator).

This week Mandii B is joined by the Endo Educator, Samantha Denäe.

Samantha shares her period journey and the years it took to finally be diagnosed with Endometriosis. During Samantha’s teenage years into her young adulthood she suffered from debilitating periods to the point where she would have to miss school or work due to the pain. Multiple doctors told Samantha that pain during her period was just something she would have to deal with and would lessen as she got older or pregnant.

For years Samantha treated herself with over the counter pain pills that never seemed to work.  At 24 after going to the emergency room during a painful period, where she couldn’t even walk and almost overdosed on codeine, she finally was connected with a clinic and doctor who listened to her. The doctor asked 3 questions that changed Samantha’s life and finally gave her the diagnosis of Endometriosis. Samantha gives us a vivid look into her journey of learning at 24 that Endometriosis caused her fertility had decreased 50%, dealing with having those conversations in romantic relationships, the depression that ensued and the trauma healing that she had to do to become the Endo Educator. 
In this episode we discuss:
– Endometriosis
– Samantha seeking out other Black people dealing with Endometriosis
– Becoming the Endo Educator 
– Advocating for yourself with medical professionals
– Educating students on period health care 
– Trauma manifesting in your womb
– Healing your own trauma 
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