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podcast May 7, 2024

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🎙️ Welcome to the latest episode of The Opinionated Bruhtha’s Podcast!

Get ready to dive into the hoops hysteria of the NBA Playoffs with your favorite hosts! But hold up, because this week’s episode takes a wild turn as we explore a surprising new role for teachers: antagonizers?! Join us as we unpack this intriguing development and dissect its implications.

Who’s taking home the MVP crown this week? None other than the legendary Pat Riley! We’ll be celebrating his remarkable contributions to the game and his undeniable impact on the basketball world. But it’s not all cheers and applause because we’ve got our Clown of the Week, and the spotlight is shining on none other than DJ Vlad. Tune in to find out why he’s landed himself in the hot seat this time!

And hold onto your seats because we’re diving headfirst into the ultimate showdown: Kendrick vs. Drake. It’s a debate that’s been heating up the streets and social media feeds alike. Has enough been said, or is it time for these two titans to settle the score once and for all?

Don’t miss out on the laughter, the banter, and the unfiltered opinions as we tackle this week’s hottest topic! So grab your headphones, sit back, and get ready for a rollercoaster ride of opinions, insights, and plenty of laughs on The Opinionated Bruhtha’s Podcast! 🎧🎤

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Hosted by Ausha. See for more information.

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