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YIMBY Action with Laura Foote

podcast May 1, 2022

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Laura Foote became a housing activist in 2014, when she became one of the key founders of the YIMBY movement. As Executive Director of YIMBY Action, Laura has grown the organization into a thriving grassroots political organization of thousands of volunteers. As of 2021, YIMBY Action has over 3000 supporters nationwide and is made up of nearly 20 chapters in cities across the country. Laura is widely recognized as an authority on effective housing activism in the US. She holds a B.A. in Economics from Hamilton College.

YIMBY Action started out as a group advocating for housing in San Francisco, one of the worst cities in the U.S. in terms of housing cost and availability. Since then, they teamed up with people in other growing cities and towns across the U.S. who saw housing become more expensive and scarce in their communities. Now, YIMBY Action has chapters from coast to coast of the US. Through our network, chapters get access to training, tools, and a community of other people passionate about housing. Support YIMBY Action here.  Check out their Impact Report here.

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