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Women Marking Territory: The Father’s Day Edition

June 12, 2024

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Join the crew for a thrilling and hilarious episode of "The Corner Convo Podcast" as we dive into the wild world of "Women Marking Territory: The Father's Day Edition"! 😱 From epic stories of yacht parties and burlesque shows to the unexpected ways women leave their mark, this episode is packed with engaging discussions and candid conversations that will leave you laughing and thinking.

We also celebrate Father's Day like never before, with heartfelt shout-outs to all the dads out there, whether they're single, married, or just trying to keep it together. Plus, we tackle the complexities of black fatherhood, blended families, and the unsung heroes who are making a difference in our communities.

Stay connected with us for this must-listen episode that blends humor, insight, and a whole lot of love. Don't forget to like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more amazing content! Thanks for listening!

0:00 – Welcome Back Kinda
14:58 – Age Restrictions at Restaurants
27:55 – What Do Women Leave to Mark Their Territory
38:46 – Father’s Day
47:20 – Black Fatherhood
51:30 – How do you want to be celebrated
56:50 – The Black Community’s Progress with Blended Families
1:12:44 – Best Black Father in Film
1:17:25 – Lil Durk’s Rehab Center
1:24:45 – Outro

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