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Women Eliminating Sugar after Age 40

podcast March 10, 2023

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 Gail Dudley is talking with Jessy George about health, wellness, nutrition, diabetes, and how to release five pounds without deprivation. Gail is asking Jessy to share her story of getting the news about how her eating habits changed since coming to America from India, what she learned, and how Jessy now uses her experience to help others live a healthy lifestyle. 


Here are a few questions that Gail will ask Jessy. 


  1. How has helping women over 40 eliminate sugar and live healthy lives transformed their lives? 
  2. What is your go-to recipe for a weekday dinner?
  3. What would you tell women who are nervous about removing sugar from their diet? 
  4. How will your program help with medical costs & insurance? 



They will talk about how to have a different perspective, change your mindset, and how to have a healthy eating experience. Let’s go on this journey with Gail and Jessy as they talk about:

Education and Sugar
Emotional Eating
Consider the benefits of healthy eating and planning your indulgence.


Jessy George is a nutrition and wellness coach. She is an electrical engineer and certified coach who has spent the last five-plus years researching nutrition and working with clients. She is an author and a speaker. Jessy uses her knowledge of how our bodies work to help clients reverse type 2 diabetes and lose weight naturally without deprivation.

Contact Jessy by visiting: and follow her on Instagram at

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